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Many older homes built before the 1980s are subject to more frequent plumbing problems. Thanks to older methods and materials, pre-80s plumbing systems typically require repeated drain cleaning to ensure that blockages and clogs are kept at bay. At Trusty Plumbing, we recommend having a professional clear your drains at least once a year. One of the best ways to do this is through the old standard in plumbing: power rodding.

Power rodding, also known as rooter plumbing, is a simple, effective, and affordable method of clearing clogs and ensuring that your plumbing systems continue working efficiently. Get in touch with Trusty Plumbing to learn more about our power rodding services. We serve all of DuPage, Will Counties and a big Part of Cook County!

Power rodding involves the use of an electronically powered sewer machine. The machine is operated through heavy-duty cables which turn blades clockwise and counter-clockwise to effectively eliminate blockages. This is an especially effective method when blockages or tree roots have become thick enough to block visual access to the pipeline. Power rodding can allow enough water to flow through the pipes to in turn allow our technicians to conduct a video camera inspection.

Do You Need Power Rodding or Rooter Services?

Power rodding is a great alternative to other, more costly drain clearing methods. It’s also a great option for older plumbing systems or when a pipe has become severely blocked

Some common signs that you might need power rodding in include:

• Frequent, recurring drain clogs

• Large obstructions/blockages in pipes

• Signs of tree root invasion

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